When Your Surrounded By Smoke

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Annie from Australia here!

You are astonishing!

Now before we begin…

Grab a glass of water …or your favorite beverage-  I’m enjoying filtered rainwater…Listening to Music for the Mind…

Let’s take a moment for some perspective… stop and breathe.


Yesterday in my area there were about 100 fires,

the smoke at sunset causing the sun to be the color of blood red when it set.

We were left with a haze across the entire area from the smoke…

it even continued being hazy all day today…

Got me thinking…

How sometimes there is a haze in life when everything isn’t as clear as it was before…

You may be in the middle of a haze

or just been through a haze

or about to hit a haze.

Now you can work through the haze into a crystal clear day…

5 Color Steps from Change to Ok! – Reaction to Repair! – Haze to Clear!

Crisis Happened – Changed happened… Were you ready for it?

  1. Red – Ok No! – Reaction
  2. Orange – Ok Stuff happens – Release
  3. Yellow – Ok no problem – I can handle this  – Resilience
  4. Green – Ok not going to let it ruin my day – Refocus
  5. Blue – Ok ready – Repair.

You can get stuck in one area for a long time or you can monitor your progress through Reaction, Release, Resilience, Refocus to Repair.

Remember these 5 Color Steps as they will help you as you face your next haze, crisis or change.

Now You – can Expect Change and work through the colors to be ready to Repair!

Think about where you are in the colors.

How are You going to – remember the 5 steps  – when change happens?

Create a great day!

Annie Born

Embrace, Encourage, Empower!

Remember – Caring for the Whole World Includes Caring for You!

Congratulations! – On Taking this moment just for You!

Stop by again tomorrow!

9 Replies to “When Your Surrounded By Smoke”

  1. Thanks for sharing the 5 color steps, I will have to remember what they all mean.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
    Learn about body language
    Now go implement!

  2. Do the colours have something to do with the different levels, I mena, a part from the obvious (to me) green, red, yellow). I did not know that blue was for Ok and repair. Is that why it is so much used in medicine??

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  3. Annie,

    You make it so easy to remember the formula! And what a great formula it is…


    Cherie Miranda

    Holistic Health Expert

  4. Comparing a hazy, smoke-filled day to a hazy time in your life is very helpful. I love the way you relate color and feelings to the “haze” and one’s ability to work through it.

    Another great post!

    >a href=”http://www.createarichlife.com”>Rich Life Coach

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