So What Makes You Feel Alive?




 Annie from Australia here!

 You are astonishing!

 Now before we begin…

 Grab a glass of water …or your favorite beverage-  I’m drinking filtered rainwater…Listening to Music for the Mind…

 Let’s take a moment for some perspective… stop and breathe.


 So what makes you feel alive?

 Interesting question?

 Yes, how long since you have you taken a step back and said – so what makes you  feel alive?

 Now is a moment in time to consider – what makes you feel alive?

Is it risking everything in another business venture?

Is it listening to children laugh?

Is it watching a movie that makes you cry?

Is it experiencing an achievement you have been working towards even fighting for.

So what makes you alive? What gives you energy?

Write a list of everything you can think of and add to it every day –

Just do one thing to experience feeling alive every day!

Create a great day!

Annie Born

Embrace, Encourage, Empower!

Remember – Caring for the Whole World Includes Caring for You!

Congratulations! – On Taking this moment just for You!

Stop by again tomorrow!

11 Replies to “So What Makes You Feel Alive?”

  1. That’s a great question! There are so many answers and, on different days – even at different times of the day – it can be a host of things …. or it can be one simple thing.

    Stay Amazing and Do Great Things, Neil

  2. Well this is the most upbeat blog I’ve read in a while. I will take your advice by making a list and doing one thing on the list each day. After all, I’m too young to feel dead.

    Lisa McLellan
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