Persistence Is the Key!

bike rider



Annie from Australia here!

You are Incredible!

Now  before we begin…

Grab a glass of water …or your favorite beverage-  I’m drinking filtered rainwater…Listening to Music for the Mind…

Let’s take a moment for some perspective… stop and breathe.


So what makes you keep going?

Interesting question?

Yes, how long since you have you taken a step back and said – so what  are my reasons to get up today and keep persisting towards the goals I have in place in my life or to keep going?

Now is a moment in time to consider – your why?

So often we are so busy with the how, we forget to take a moment to stop and consider the why?

Are you doing this to show your parents you can do it?

Or are you doing it to beat your family or friends?

Are you doing it to survive?

Or are you doing what you do because you just love it?

Are you doing what you do because you are providing for friends, family, internationally?

Are you doing it to create a legacy for your family?

Write a list of everything you can think of and add to it every day –

Remember your reasons why, to help put life into perspective today!

Create a great day!

Annie Born

Embrace, Encourage, Empower!

Remember – Caring for the Whole World Includes Caring for You!

Congratulations! – On Taking this moment just for You!

Stop by again tomorrow!