“Mum I Choose …”



Annie from Australia here!

You are fantastic!

Now before we begin…

Grab a glass of water …or your favorite beverage-  I’m drinking filtered rainwater…Listening to Music for the Mind…

Let’s take a moment for some perspective… stop and breathe.


Remember I had to make the decision whether or not to book the ENT Specialist operation by a certain time.

And that time was coming closer and closer.

I had to choose between having an operation with the risk of the nerve in my face being severed, which meant no smiling on that side of my face.


not having the operation and dying in 5 years!

I still remember the day I walked into my Mothers room to talk to her.

I had made my decision…

Mum, I’ve decided to choose life – I will have the operation.

She said she would phone the hospital to book with the operation.

How can you value today! Your ALIVE!

Create a great day!

Annie Born

Embrace, Encourage, Empower!

Remember – Caring for the Whole World Includes Caring for You!

Congratulations! – On Taking this moment just for You!

Stop by again tomorrow! I’ll tell you about what I discovered after the operation.



5 Replies to ““Mum I Choose …””

  1. Annie, I am sure that the decision to go on with the surgery was a tough one and would be just for about anyone.
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    Now go implement!

  2. Annie,
    It would seem to me that you made the only decision really that could have been made. Not smiling is better than death any day in my book.

    That said, I still feel that it was very powerful that your Mother allowed you to make that decision and not force her will and beliefs on you. That is a very potent image of great parenting.

    And, you making the decison on your own, allowed you to own the decision and, heaven forbid, any complications or consequences of that decision.

    Add me to the growing list of people who are glad you chose life.

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